Custom Licence Plate Brackets

Featured brackets…. Fortress Fabrications new 2014  Custom Brushed Stainless Steel plates 6×4`, 6.5×4.5`,7×5`horizontal mounts or 6`X 6` vertical mounts, suitable for most Harley s and other custom makes and models – Designs available for all bikes,optional lighting mounts & lights available.Please call us to discuss your requirements.Watch out for our ultimate custom range  & regimental forces coming shortly……..





2 responses to “Custom Licence Plate Brackets

  1. Hi was wondering if its legal in uk to have number plate on left hand side in UK. if not then do you do brackets for right hand side with LED mounting on top. Also what styles of led break lights do you supply ?

    • Hi Lee!
      many thanks for your question and interest in fortress fabrications!
      We can make left or right brackets and most of our customers mount them on the left hand riders side without any legal problems!
      The legal side in the UK is on the right riders offside!
      If you send me an email to i will send you some photos of the l.e.d lights we can provide!
      many thanks!

      Rich FF

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